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Bold City Music Co.

Guitar · Voice · Violin · Viola · Cello ·  Bass · Piano · Ukulele · Trumpet · Euphonium · French horn · Trombone · Clarinet · Flute · Saxophone · Tuba

Expert music teachers

We're professional musicians and educators who are passionate about sharing the joy of music with students of all ages and backgrounds. With years of experience teaching music, we're dedicated to providing our students with a fun and supportive environment. 



Violin/Viola Specialist



Piano Specialist



Cello/Bass Specialist



Brass and Woodwinds Specialist



Voice, Piano, & Guitar Specialist

Why learn with us?

We offer music & voice lessons for all ages and abilities in Jacksonville, FL. Whether you prefer in-class, at-home, or online music lessons—our experienced instructors are ready to help you develop your music skills.

Affordable lessons

Our prices are competitive to make music lessons as accessible as possible. Lessons are $20–$60 each, depending on the length and location.

Flexible scheduling

We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. You can book them 1 at a time or schedule months of lessons at once—with no obligation or startup fees.


Lessons are tailored to each student to ensure a comprehensive learning experience across genres, instruments, and skill sets.

Learn to play, wherever you are.

Classroom instruction

Our fully-equipped Riverside classroom is ready to accommodate students of all ages and abilities.

Online instruction

Online lessons are held on Zoom and offer a convenient alternative to classroom lessons.

In-home instruction

In-home lessons are available for residential addresses within 5 miles of our Riverside location.

Bundle your lessons & save

Student performance opportunities

We provide our students with the ability to perform for friends, family, and the public through student recitals or through volunteer opportunities with the Ronald McDonald House.

Free 2024 Spring Recital
Free 2024 Spring Recital
May 04, 2024, 11:00 AM
Bab's Lab in the CoRK Arts District
Proceeds to benefit JASMYN
Can you make it?
RSVP Closed

Lessons for everyone

We offer music lessons for students at any stage of their musical journey.

Beginner lessons

Our beginner music lessons are designed for students interested in singing, learning a new instrument, or better appreciating an instrument they already love, regardless of age.

The curriculum is relaxed and flexible, allowing students to explore their musical identities in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

Beginner lessons cover how to read music and the skills necessary to start singing or playing your instrument today.

Preparatory lessons

Preparatory lessons offer a more comprehensive and rigorous curriculum for students wishing to advance their music studies.

The curriculum is tailored to each student's goals and skill level and includes audition and performance prep with a focus on the audition requirements for music programs at Lavilla Middle School and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

All students are expected to commit to at least one lesson per week and at least fifteen minutes of independent practice daily.

Nothing to strum? We've got you.

  • Can I reschedule my lesson?
    Yes, if you can't make a lesson, you're welcome to reschedule with at least 48 hours notice. To reschedule, please call (904) 861-4224. Please note, missed or cancelled lessons aren't eligible for make up unless 48 hours notice was provided.
  • Is it okay to drop my child off for their lesson?
    No, if the student is a minor, a parent or guardian must be present either in the classroom or in a designated waiting area at all times during every lesson. This includes in home lessons, classroom lessons, and online lessons.
  • What do I need to bring to my lesson?
    Our classroom is fully stocked with 3 pianos, a whiteboard, and lesson books, but you will need to bring your own brass, woodwinds, or string instrument. If you don't have one to play yet, we also offer student instruments (guitar and ukulele) for sale in our shop. Students are responsible for supplying all instruments and lesson materials for in-home lessons.
  • Can I get a refund on a lesson if I miss it?
    Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a refund on cancelled or missed lessons. We're happy to reschedule any lessons you can't make with at least 48 hours notice, though. To reschedule a lesson, please call (904) 861-4224.
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