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Music for Everyone

Music for Everyone

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Student-centered and customized learning plans are the cornerstone of our approach. 


Students of all ages and abilities are welcome in our classroom.


Our curriculum creates comprehensive learning experiences for our students across genres, instruments, and skill sets.

Financially Accessible

Financial accessibility in education is one of our biggest priorities. We offer competitive pricing and unparalleled flexibility to make our music lessons as accessible as possible.



We offer unparalleled flexibility in our scheduling to help make music lessons accessible to everyone:


  • Book lessons online 24/7 or by phone at (904) 861-4224 during business hours

  • Book anywhere from single lessons to months of lessons at once

  • No obligation or startup fees


Music lessons for all ages and abilities are available for the following instruments:






French Horn







Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone






in home lessons

Lesson Types

Beginner Lessons


Beginner lessons are designed for students who are interested in learning a new instrument or better appreciating an instrument they already love. The curriculum is relaxed and flexible, allowing students to explore their musical identities in a comfortable and encouraging environment. 

Preparatory Lessons


Preparatory lessons offer a more comprehensive and rigorous curriculum for students who wish to advance their music studies. The curriculum is tailored to each student's goals and skill level and includes audition and performance prep with a focus on the audition requirements for the instrument studies programs at local arts schools. All students are expected to commit to at least one lesson per week and at least fifteen minutes of independent practice daily. 

online lessons

Lesson Locations

Classroom Lessons


Our fully-equipped classroom is ready to accommodate students of all ages and abilities.  

Online Lessons


Online lessons are held on Zoom and offer a convenient alternative to classroom lessons.

In-Home Lessons


In-Home lesson services are available for residential addresses located within a five mile radius of the Bold City Music Co. classroom.



We hold recitals throughout the year to give our students a chance to show off their skills to their friends, families, and peers. All of our students are welcome to participate!

Terms and Policies

All of our students are required to agree to our terms before purchasing any lessons. Our hours of operation, instrument availability, and terms are fully up to date on our booking portal. Click to view our Terms of Use.

We strive every day to bring you the best music education in Jacksonville.

Visit the More Information page to learn more.

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