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We are committed to families and working adults, and so offer unparalleled flexibility to help make music lessons accessible to everyone. With our online portal, students can book lessons from anywhere 24/7. Booking is also available over the phone at (904) 861-4224 during our regular business hours. You can book anywhere from single lessons to months of lessons at once. With no contracts or startup fees, our students get the flexibility they need to make their music education work for them. We offer two tiers of music lessons: Beginner Lessons and Standard Lessons.

Lesson Types

Beginner Lessons

Beginner lessons are designed for students who are interested in learning a new instrument or better appreciating an instrument they already love. The curriculum is relaxed and flexible, allowing students to explore their musical identities in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

To learn more about our Beginner Lessons, click here.

Standard Lessons

Standard lessons are for students who wish to advance their musical careers. The curriculum is is tailored to each student's goals and skill level and includes audition and performance prep with a focus on the audition requirements for the instrument studies programs at local arts schools.

To learn more about our Standard Lessons, click here.

In-Home Lessons

Leave the commute to us! We offer In-Home lessons to better accommodate busy schedules and big families. In-Home lessons are available at the Beginner level, allowing new students to explore fundamental skills and topics within music on their instrument(s) of choice.

To learn more about our In-Home Lessons, click here.

Ready to go? Call us at (904) 861-4224 or click here to book.

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