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COVID-19 Guidelines

We take the health and safety of all our students and our community seriously. To ensure best practices, all on-site lessons until further notice will be held in our second classroom. This classroom is located in the same building in unit 7. Enter through the glass door, and the room is on the immediate left. This will greatly reduce the number of exposed objects our students can come in contact with. 


To further ensure the safety of our students, their families, and our teachers, we will be following Department of Health guidelines, including, but not limited to:


  • Exposed objects/surfaces will be kept to a minimum

  • There will be a 15-minute cushion between lessons to give teachers time to wipe down all surfaces (doorknobs, markers, books, piano keys, chairs, etc) and wash their hands between lessons

  • Wiping down every surface between lessons is mandatory. Surfaces will be sanitized using 70% alcohol wipes

  • Only students and their teachers are allowed inside the classroom. Parents and siblings will be required to wait outside to maintain social distancing

  • Students and teachers must wear masks at all times as per CDC requirements

  • Students and teachers must use hand sanitizer upon entering the classroom

  • Students and teachers may opt for online lessons at any given time (with enough notice prior to the lesson)

  • Lessons must be held online if the teacher, student, or any guardian/family member is experiencing Covid symptoms or has come into contact with an infected person, no exceptions. No one with symptoms or possible exposure may enter the classroom for any reason

  • If one of our students or someone in their family gets sick after being in the classroom, all BCMC students and teachers will switch to online lessons for 2 weeks. The exposed teacher can not enter the classroom for any reason during that time


Online lessons are still available.

We reserve the right to change or amend these guidelines pending new information, regulations, or CDC guidelines. We are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. Reach us by phone during our regular business hours or at

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